Group Coaching

Learn to surf your absolute best with a group of mates.

Clayton will provide an open forum to be able to learn the fundamentals of surfing, from equipment to wave choice to your mental approach.

These group lessons have produced rave reviews and many participants come back on a regular basis.

How does it work?

Clayton will run through some “theory” with the group. Highlighting some basic fundamentals which will deepen your understanding of the ocean, your equipment and your apprach to surfing.

The following morning Clayton will take you surfing and give you some ‘exercises’ to highlight the theory learnt the night before. In addition your session will be recorded for review later.

The session review is where Clayton will be able to give you deeper insight in to what you may be doing right, wrong and what you should be doing to take your surfing to the next level.

The group lessons are a great way to spend a weekend. Get a bunch of mates together and book your session today!

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